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How to exchange data between two xmpp clients effectively?

Hi, People.

I am new, so I read as many XEP-* as I could. But still…

All I want to do is something that I assume is very simple.

Here it is:

Each xmpp client of mine has some data (IP and port that it gets by other means).

Anyway, I want two peers to exchange this data, meaning that client A will have client B IP and port and client B will have Client A IP and port.

What kind of stanza will be best for me?

I know this is a basic thing, but it will help me a lot.

Best regards, Isaac

You should probably use your own iq-packet for this (with a custom namespace).

Thank you for your reply.

However, I am trying to avoid using a custom name space.

I do not if it is logical (I am a newbe) but I think to use “Data Forms”.


See http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0004.html.

Thanks again, Isaac.

Yes, that’‘s another possibility. You could also use XML-RPC over XMPP, there’'s another XEP about that: XEP-0009: Jabber-RPC