How to export users in it to new MS SQL database and save their passwords?

Hello. My current openfire server (3.7.1) works with MS SQL server2005. It work during 3 years but at last month it started to hang up 1-2 times a day (and i can’t fix this). So i decide to move users to new server. I have about 1000 users (500 currently online) in 40 groups, so i cant add them manualy to groups (if i will export|imort them with plugin). So may be some one do this before, and can give me sql script to move users and groups to new MS SQL server.

Thank you.

just copy the database to you new sql server.

I made new installation and connect it with old database. Memory leak still happens, so i want to create new database and new installation, but copy all users and groups in it. How can i do that? Which tables i must export?

When i’m insert users into new database with their old passwords, they can’t connect to server because of “invalid userrname or password”. How should i import users into new database to save their old passwords? Or which parameter should i correct on new server to have this:

If i create user with password 111 - encryted password on old server is like “werwerwer2342rwerw”, nad on nwe server is like “sdfasdf2342342wdfwer”, they are different, is there any way to generate same encrypted paswords on both servers, so users can login with their password on both servers?