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How-to extend java memory step by step?


Can someone explain How-to extend java memory step by step, couse i cant make it by the installation guide?, im using linux CentOS 4.3 and would like to increase memory from 63.x to 256 or so in order to handle about 300 users. i had read some thread writed by other user but its useless.

Thanks in advance


sure that’'s not hard.

in a terminal do:

vi /usr/local/bin/wildfire

opens up: look for the line “INSTALL4J_ADD_VM_PARAMS=” uncomment and add the following EXACTLY as it appears below.

-“Xms32m -Xmx256m -XX:PermSize=35m -XX:MaxPermSize=70m -verbose:gc -XX:*PrintGCDetails -XX:*PrintGCTimeStamps -Xloggc:”$/logs/gc.log""

just in case: to insert in vi type i to get out of insert mode hit the escape key a couple of times

to save (or anything for that matter) you must lead with a : then w to save, q to quit, ! to override

so typically to save an edited file you should :wq

Hope this helps!


thanks a lot Jeff:

I just modify the file and restarted the jabber server aplication and it works!!!


Someone should add that feature to de Wildfire Admin Page !!!

Glad I could help! can you mark me as answering the question, I want a silver star one day!


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Someone should add that feature to de Wildfire Admin

Page !!!

you dont think that your internal system configs should be available through a web page, do you?

step-bystep guide would be enough.

Hi Oleg,

why should it not possible for java to write the start script? I’'m quite sure that no one has so much free time that one will create a plugin with this feature but it is possible. If the start script could read and parse the wildfire.xml file this would be even more easy.



Im not talking about give for free my internal configuration, just for the admin user!!!