How to extend REST API plugin?

Hi everybody,

I’m using REST API plugin in my Openfire with regular routes and everything runs OK, but now I have to implement new routes.

Which is the best way? There’s any ‘simple and clean’ way to do it?

Will be inefficient add an other server for example with a PHP Framework that provides me a REST API with the new routes?


The REST API plugin is written in Java. The routes can be easy extended.

Look here to the code: Openfire/src/plugins/restAPI at master · igniterealtime/Openfire · GitHub

Which features do you miss in the REST API?

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I think that it’s very complete, but I think in some new features like contacts suggestion based on the users email address, for example. I think that it will be a good idea to extend to API to implement these features.

How do you see it?

Can you explain what you feature should do?

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It will search all mails in the same domain (for example: all mails and it will returned as JSON or XML to be shown on the client like suggested contacts.

So basically you want a filter by get all user which have an specified email.

This means that I can retrieve all the users and make the filter on the client?

Or can I use regex on the server filters? (API REST) For example:

-Retrieve users with mail equals to: *

It’s possible?


A filter to get members in a particular group would be nice. I don’t see it in the docs.


It is not yet possible to get members by group or to filter by email. That need to be implemented.


I have a same question - in the REST api session part, I need the online users JID, not just the online users number.

If you use /sessions you will get all available Sessions, which also contains the JID. sion

Thank you,

I find my mistake: I only print the result of curl object, not the actual result of curl call…