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How to filter certain groups of OU (Organizational Unit)?

I’m trying to integrate openfire 3.9.3 with Active Directory and I’m two difficulties.

  • How to filter certain group that are within the Organizational Unit (OU), where within the group there other groups with which your users can have access to Openfire with spark?
  • Another situation that happens with openfire 3.9.3 when I try “Test Settings” to see if the filter is correct and not “nothing happened”. Test done with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Ai saved the settings and when I try to set as “Administrator Account” inform the user and I select “Add” the following message occurs: “No one informed or informed user was not found.” The filter is not working I’m doing.
    Below the filters I’m trying to do:

LDAP server
Server Type: Active Directory
Host: Name of my server port: 389
Base DN: dc = my_domain, dc = local
Administrator DN: openfire@meu_dominio.local (user who has the right to list all users of the ad).

User mapping
Field Username: SAMAccountName

Advanced Settings.
Fields to search. Deiei blank.
filter usuário:(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(memberOf=CN=Acesso.chat,CN=u sers,DC=meu_dominio,DC=local))
The Acesso.chat is a group that has created other users and groups have the insides of these users.

Mapping Group
Group field: cn
Field Member: member
Field Description: description
Filtering Group: (objectClass = group)

My AD structure is very large and I see no need to leave the openfire bring all groups and users.
Someone in the community knows how to do this filter? Filter determining group and within that group has several groups with their users or groups in a filter determines OR.
Thank you.

you can’t filter by OU, but you can with groups. Also, the “test” button is broken, but you’ll know your ldap settings are working when you set the openfire administrator during the last step.

This link should point you in the right direction to filter by groups.