How to find JID

Ya i dont’’ know what to do. How do you find the JID so i can add users to be able to create rooms and so i can create permanent room?

Hi Harmanoff,

By default, anybody can create rooms. To restrict room creations by only certain people, first logon to the wildfire admin console.

Click on Group Chat->Group Chat Settings->Room Creation Permissions. Then click on Only specific users can create a chat room and save your setting. The next screen will allow you to add user JID. You must add a bare JID i.e. in the form of node@domain. For example if the username is myname and your servername is myserver.mydomain, then the bare JID is myname@myserver.mydomain

You can add any JID from both local or remote server. You can find existing local user from the User Summary of Users/Groups tab in your admin console. You can find your servername in Server->Server Settings->Server Properties->Server Name

Hope that helps.