How to get info of visitors waiting in a FastPath Queue?


edit: Is this the right sub-forum to ask this question?

I’d like to add a feature to Spark’s Fastpath plugin - the ability to see who/whats waiting in the queue (ie. what username, what question, etc…).

Unfortunately the Smack API only “almost” supports the needed functionality -

QueueUsersListener allows me to know when the queue info changes which is great

its usersUpdated method even gives a Set of user objects which is excellent

but the QueueUser class has only JID of the user, no FastPath SessionId

So I can’t query its info (using agentSession’s getChatMetadata method)

Is it possible to get the visitor’s info from a given QueueUser?

Maybe its possible to determine the SessionId from the JID of the visitor?

If I’d like to add the SessionId to the QueueUser, any idea where in the code do I need to start?

I tried searching for where the QueueUsers event is fired (in OpenFire FastPath plugin), but couldn’t find it (I’m not familiar with Openfire’s code…)

Thanks in advance,

  • Woody