How to get offline messages using stroph.js

Hi Everyone,

not sure whether this is the right place to ask for help. Basically we’re using openfire alongwith strophe.js client (with chat interface of our own), the one thing that has been hurting us that if a user goes onlne and others sent this user any messages they should popup up once the user goes online again. However even after configuring openfire->server setttings->store we’re not able to receive any messages that were sent while the user was offline. Just to throw some more light on the situration though we have a common chat room but we are only allowing the users to chat to each other privately.

I saw that spark allows fetching offline messages, however can pls someone point me out to the exact stanzas that are required to be sent in order to retreive offline messages.

Your help would be grately appreciated.


Pawan Rai

I use strophe as well and I get offline messages automatically when my users login. Are you sure your Openfire server has been configured properly?

Check your log files incase you are having DB issues

Hi @Dele_Olajide,
I am using strophe js to connect with openfire chat. I want to get count of messages in MUC chat group. how can i get message count in MUC room using strophe ?
Actually onMessage is callback function which call for individually not for all messages.

Please help me on this.