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How to get OpenFire working with Bria for iPhone

So I have configure eveything in the Asterisk IM plugin and everything works perfectly. EXCEPT!!! being able to send text messges from the Bria for iPhone app. I can sednt test with spark or any other XMPP compatible clent, but when I try to authenticate it fails says

“Authentication Error (7) Account: User Name”

I have also downloaded Monal which is a free multi protocol chat client for iPhone and that connects and works fine, from all my work with installind Asterisk and testing different clients with asterisk I have noticed that some say "username’ but it really wants the extension and vice versa.

I have attached a screenshot of my current settings. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Steel Reign

I guess no one knows how to do this either. Now I guess I don’t feel as bad.

Nevermind. I figured it out myself.

For anyone else getting an “Authentication Error 7” when trying to register your Bria for iPhone app. The problem is with the certificates with in OpenFire.

Go to: ***Server > Server Settings > Server Certificates ***

and delete the certs there and create new ones. This should solve your problem.

Good Luck,


I tried your suggestion but it didn’t seem to work for me.

Anyone else get this working?



Bria is very particular about its certificates. You must make sure your machine’s host name is exactly the same and you have entered in the host name in Server Properties in OpenFire. Then you must dump the existing certs and recreate them.

***Note: One thing that I think really sucks about using Bria for iPhone/iPad with OpenFire.

  • Bria does not incorparate the XMPP into the primary contact. You will have to create a duplicate contact just to send XMPP to your Bria contacts. Effectivly doubling up your contct list.

MAJOR flaw on CounterPaths side. Should just be able to add an XMPP filed in the same contact.

Because of this I just upgraded to Asterisk 10 or higher and enabled SMS. Works perfectly.

Thanks for the reply,

I am just beginning to see what I can do with softphones and have used Zoiper and now Bria which I think is a better solution. What are your thoughts on the available apps?

Also I use Freepbx. Perhaps I should give up on using Openfire with Bria and look into SMS.

Not sure how I feel about the separate contacts for IM and Softphone yet…I was looking to combine the two as right now I use Pidgin instant messenger and have hard phones at desks.

OpenFire work really well as an XMPP Server and has a lot of nice function. The only problem is that The Asterisk-IM plugin does not work with all the lastest version of Asterisk and I think has been out of development for some time now.

Zoiper is nice for the fact that is has IAX support. I use mainly X-Lite4 on my computers and Bria for iPhone/iPad and also Linphone on all of them as well. Although Linphone works better then most other outh there the computer GUI leaves a lot to be desired. The mobile device version is not bad though.