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How to get the Answer *FAST* in the Forum!

How to get the Answer fast in the Forum!!!

You start with a high level of expertise on the problem you are having,

because you’'re the one experiencing it. We start only with what you tell us

in your problem report. More than any other factor, a lack of detailed

information slows down getting the answer you want. Although our psychic abilities

grow almost daily, we still rely mostly on good old written information.

You can speed up the resolution of your issues by including this


  1. Search the forum!!! The answer is already there!!! Since WildFire community

is growing with a lot of super active user (e.g me ?) Your questions might

have been asked and answered!!!

  1. Start with a descriptive subject. This is the first thing we see, and

we refer to it visually and mentally. "Need help installing WiFi 2.5.1

on windows with LDAP" is a lot more descriptive than “Help!”.(but don’'t

ask that question because we won’'t answer you, go back to rule No.1!!!)

  1. What’'s distinctive about your difficulty? Does a client work in some

situations, but not others? Have you changed any configuration recently?

  1. If it’'s a problem with specific client, what client is it? Prefer

“Exodus” or “Spark” or “Psi” over “client”.

(Prefer “WildFire ..*” over “my server”)

  1. DON’'T FORGET THE LOGS!!! (I mean, post them also, just remembering them in

your sleep won’‘t help.)That’'s where we will look for clues!!!

Tell me first. “How many logs are in WildFire?” (hmm… error, warn,…)

  1. Give points to the people who help you solved the problem. (you know, we

have a rat race here competing for thread posting and answers point, try

searching “shameless” and you will see )

  1. Mark the thread “Helpful” or “Answer” if it is helpful or it is the answer.

( Well this is actually rule number 5 in disguise.)

  1. Be the super active user!!! (Ok, you don’'t need to be super but we like you

to contribute back to the forum and we want you to hate those who don’'t

follow the rule.)

Thank You!


Your super active user and Developers (?).

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  1. Add a lot of exclamation marks to your post, everyone sees that your post is the most important one !!1!

  2. Post your question in three ore more forums of this community, the forums are here to be filled with duplicate questions. This makes also sure that we have always a new, but well-known question to read !!1!


!!1! is a registered trade mark of mine, isn’'t it?


Excellent post! I agree with all the points. Maybe we can turn this into a knowledge base document and make it easy for people to find during the posting process.


Another forum bug? I did start typing some time before Matt but I did post my reply at xx:17. And what’'s the time stamp of my first post? xx:06

Another forum bug? I did start typing some time

before Matt but I did post my reply at xx:17. And

what’'s the time stamp of my first post? xx:06

Perhaps the current behavior is confusing. The “creation date” of the message is set to when you hit reply and not when you hit post. We’'ll look at changing that.



Hmmm… About PyMSN-t PyAIM-t PyICQ-t JWChat …

Even though as much as we would like to help you, this is still the WildFire Forum and we have a enough issue to solve ourselves. So please go ask the question at the related site. Saying so, for a starter, I will give some guide out of consideration showing our super activeness.



(You can see, how this thread violate the rule 2, making it hard for other to reference it, if not because of my foresight)




Jwchat, Tomcat and SSL


(See how I follow rule 2. )


Jwchat, Tomcat and Apache (by Op3racional. Author: Sabine Dinis Blochberger)


Make self-signed SSL connection which Psi won’'t complain about self-signed


ok, if I tell more about how I follow rule 2, you will be start swearing at me


Text Client, Console Client


If you are a newbie, this will help you a lot!!! (I guarantee!)




This will show you how rule 1 is true from the begining.

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Hi wmhtet,

I did ask at jivesoftware.com for a “force Search before Post” option some days ago (:



Now I see how “force Search before Post” make sense.


url=http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.htmlHow To Ask Questions The Smart Way[/url]

To quote part of the introduction:

“In the world of hackers, the kind of answers you get to your technical questions depends as much on the way you ask the questions as on the difficulty of developing the answer. This guide will teach you how to ask questions in a way more likely to get you a satisfactory answer.”

Yes, it is a bit long and may not apply perfectly here, but the time you spend reading it is well worth it.



Instructions thread from users:

Deploying Wildfire (2.5.1) under JBoss 4.x BY Ward Harold (wardkharold)


Wildfire and SSL: different keytool-binaries leading to probs (solution) BY aegidel


Projects (outside jivesoftware.org) contributed by users:

i-Ball Chat Auditor By Kurt R. Hoehn (hoehnku)

Wildfire plugin for monitoring/auditing user chat messages


Cluster, Load Balancing, Failed Over, High scalability



looking for examples of Wildfire usage


how much can wildfire handle?


See what some of them are saying below regarding WildFire:


Useful links at www.jivesoftware.org

Jira: where features, bugs and project roadmaps are listed


WildFire Documentation


WildFire FAQ


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url=http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.htmlHow To Ask Questions The Smart Way[/url]

I second this link. I teach some computer classes, and this is required reading for them. I wish I could get everyone to read it…