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How to get the JID of a MUC user


i’'m stuck at this problem: im listening on a MUC for messages for a specific user. i want to identify the user of an incoming message with its JID. but getting the Message#getFrom() just gives me the nickname the user used in the MUC. how can i get the real JID of the incoming message or in general, how can i get the JID of a MUC participant?

thank you,


If you create a room, or control the room configuration, there is a configuration property to make the users use their “real” JIDs when participating in a MUC: muc#roomconfig_whois.



thx man! that was exactly what i was searching for!

forgive me for asking this again, but how set that configuration property of the room?

thanks in advance.

when you create a room,you should add configuration as follows:

List memTypeList = new ArrayList<>();
submitForm.setAnswer(“muc#roomconfig_whois”, memTypeList);

hi,with this configuration ,but how Can i get the real jids from this message?