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How to Get the remote User JID from within ChatRoomListener chatRoomOpened

I have set up a ChatRoomListner and implemented the chatRoomOpened method. From within this method I need access to the remote user JID. I have tried SparkManager.getUserManager.getAllParticipantsInRoom(room) but it always returns an empty list.

the ChatRoomListner userHasJoined method does not seem to get called - this would seem to be a logical place as well to find the remote user JID.

My question is essentially - when a chatroom is created how can my plugin determine the JID of the remote user?

thanks in advance.

  • Ken

It appears the getRoomName() method returns the remote JID (minus the resource). Is this it guarenteed that the room name will always be the JID of the remote user? Is tis the recomended way of getting the remote JID when the chat room is opened?