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How to get VOIP going in Spark?

Hi all,

I would like to enable VOIP for Spark. I have openfire 3.8.2 running on a hosted VPS with Ubuntu Server. I have been reading whatever documentation and forum posts I could find on this topic and I have some questions:

a) I only have 1 ip number on my openfire server, so I am assuming I cannot use the STUN server plugin because it requires a server with 2 ip numbers? Is my assumption correct?

b) If I cannot use the STUN server plugin, is there any other plugin I could use in order to enable VOIP on Spark?

I have some more questions, but will hold off for now as they are dependent on the answers I get to a) and b).

Thank you for your time.

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i am intresting to know how can i resolve this problem

i donot want run STUN server on my machine but i want use openfire+redfire plugin in spark

tanx you …