How to hide spark conferenes tab

by changing spark src code ; how to hide /remove conferenes tab in main window GUI of spark ?

I tried one method which worked but for me it doesn’t seem to be the logical method to remove this tab.

this method is to comment the line new ConferenceServices(); in file (method buildlayout()).

in my view the best method is to use :

Workspace workspace = SparkManager.getWorkspace();workspace.getWorkspacePane().removeTab(index_of_conferece_tab);

i did one experiment to debug code and discovered a strange fact:

In spark main window there are two tabs : “contacts” and “conferences”.

I added a debug code to print the number of tabs in spark worspace pane

(in main window) .i was surprised the number of tab printed was “1”.

this is strange as it should be “2”.

any Idea why the conference tab is showing in contact window but number of tabs is only one (1)?