How to implement access control in openfire?


I am just customizing openfire admin console and I want to implement acl in openfire.

For example we have two admin users, one admin user should have ability to create user and other admin user is should not have it.

Have anyone implemented something like that.

Thanks In Advance

Do you have MSN? I got some questions too ,maybe we can help each other

Have anyone implemented something like that.
No. At least i havent heard about this. There were some talks about this in the Openfire group chat a few years ago, but no work was done. I think there is or was a ticket for this in JIRA, but cant find anything relevant. Well, i think this is a hard task, but we of course will be grateful if you will contribute your work to the community in the end

I am doing an investigation to try to implement access control too.

I would like to have it developed as a plugin so that we can upgrade the core at anytime without problems.

Have you guys made some progress on this? I could share some ideas too.