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How to import Let’s Encrypt keys?

I generated the SSL/TLS keys via Let’s Encrypt, but how can I use them in the Openfire? Can I copy and paste the keys in the Openfire folder?
The Openfire not have any Apache or Nginx web server, am I right?

Thank you.

Hi Jason;

There is a fairly recent Openfire plugin: Certificate Manager that automates this installation for you.

Alternatively you can import manually from Server > TLS/SSL Certificates > Identity Store > Manage Store Contents > imported here where you paste the contents of PRIVKEY.pem and CERT.pem in the corresponding import boxes.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much.
Is it remove the default keys?
Can it solve the problem about browsing the Openfire admin page by “https” protocol? When I want to open the admin page of Openfire via “https” then it can’t show anything!

Hi Jason;

The Certificate Manager plugin has a setting to automatically remove the previous (old) identity store. If you’re installing the certificate manually, you have to manually remove the previous identity store.

If you have the SSL certificate in place for Openfire then the admin console is on port 9091. That is: