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How to import vcards into openfire DB without using LDAP


I went through all of your documents, I think there were 9. Wasn’t sure what you were pointing me at. I set the following property settings:

ldap.override.avatar = true
ldap.vcard-mapping = (3.6.x vCard xml data)
vcard.enabled = true

So I take it this allows clients to get/set vcards?

I still am trying to figure out how to import/export vcards. Can I use the import/export plugin code sample and modify it to import vcards using the xep-0054 spec and the VCardManager class?

My thinking is this.

  1. Need to first create a user which creates a record in the ofUser table

  2. Need to add vcard which stores the entire vcard xml string into the vcard TEXT field of ofVCard. I’m assuming that the username in ofVCard table is a foreign key related to the user I created in step 1.

Is my thinking right on this?



If you are using LDAP to define users then the vCard data is supplied via that same LDAP source. This means if you use AD then the information is pulled from the profile of the users in AD. It is a read only function. You cannot write or modify the info in anyway via openfire.

I’m not using ldap. Is what I’m trying to do uncommon?

Very basic question. Can you use vcards without ldap? Is that the best way?


what you are trying to do is uncommon. You do not need any special plugins or settings for vcard in a non-LDAP environment. The vcard information is generated via the client application. The user enters the data and pics which are transmitted to the openfire server and stored. You could do this for one client then use the import export tool to export that information to see how to structure the import.

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