How to improve the "Rest APIs" response time and HTTP file upload time using the "HTTP File Upload Plugin"

I am a beginner at the openfire side.
We are using Openfire 4.6.2 and HTTP File Upload plugin 1.1.3.

Point 1:
My question is how we can improve the image upload time in the openfire xmpp server.
and what are the changes require to move to the latest version of the HTTP File Upload plugin(1.2.0) if that reduces the file upload time?

Point 2:
How we can improve the response time of the openfire Rest APIs for the multiple users.

Hi Pritesh,

Your questions are very generic. They hint at very specific issues that you are experiencing, but without further data to correlate that to specific Openfire implementation, there’s little that we can suggest, apart from the obvious:

You will be able to upload data (like images), faster by sending smaller images, or by improving network connectivity.

Improving response times of the REST API is likely achievable by performing less requests, or by scaling up hardware.

Thanks, @guus for the quick response.
Will check that and get back to you.