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How to increase Openfire Cache Roster Size in Windows

Hi I am using Openfire 3.7.0 in In windows 2008 server. I have almost 300 user created. Some users are gtiing disconneceted automatically. I can see in Error log or Info log, below line.

*2011.03.24 11:41:55 Cache Roster was full, shrinked to 90% in 0ms. *

Please help me, how to increase size of Cache Roster.

Go to the bottom of Server Manager - System Properties and create a new System Property called cache.username2roster.size and set the value in bytes. I bumped mine up from the default to 1MB (1048576 bytes). Click Save and that’s it. I restarted the openfire service for good measure…and that might be necessary for the setting to take place.


Thanks so much for the info about the cache roster size. This appears to have fixed a problem where Spark showed everyone offline even though the server showed them online.

Thanks klinstifen,

We also faced the same problem, your solution worked for us .


When you state “Server Manager > System Properties” are you referring to the Windows server or Openfire admin console? I am new to Openfire.



Admin console

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Thank you.