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How to install and configure jwchat with jive_messenger

any help?

i’'ve tryied to install it with no success…

the jive_messenger server is running without problem, but i need to install an web-base client…

Hey Rodrigo,

Attached to this post you will find a war file that includes a small fix I had to do in order to make jwchat work. Just drop the war file in your application server (eg. tomcat or resin). The application server will uncompress it and install it automatically. You can then access the application from a browser. An example of URL would be http://localhost:9090/jwchat-1.0beta1.


– Gato

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please, explain better for me, i’'m just starting…

my server is an slackware 10.0 with jive_messenger 2.1.5 and mysql 4.0.20 and apache is installed too, but i’'ve not tested it.

as i said, the jive is running fine, and i just need to some users access it over the web.

so how i proceed to do that?

i get the file that you’'ve attached (jwchat-1.0beta1.war), and now?

thanks in advance…


Oi Rodrigo,

You will need to install url=http://www.caucho.com/download/index.xtpresin[/url] or url=http://jakarta.apache.org/site/downloads/downloads_tomcat-5.cgitomcat[/url]. Then you will need to copy the war file to the webapps folder (eg. C:\installs\resin-3.0.10\webapps) and start the server. Open a browser on the URL that I mentioned before and that’'s it.


– Gato

man, you saved my day!

thanks a lot for all the help, the webmessenger is working. i just installed resin (and configured like the .pdf file in the site) and do what you told me to do.

i’'ll replace jabberd 1.4 to the jive_messenger soon…

any idea if/when your patch will get picked up by the jwchat project itself?


a few more questions.

resin is a paid software? or free?

is there a problem if i change the *.html files of jwchat (index.html and so) to configure the way i want?

i’‘ve tryied to search the users in the jwchat, it’'s not working. i have to change some configuration to make it search right?




Can anyone explain me the fields httpbase, sitename and other which is already configured in the given jar.if jabber server is in another location what should i change?


i m using tomcat 4.1.i got the .war file n copied it into tomact/webapps.then i started the tomcat. jwchat-1.0beta1 folder is created inside the webapp but this folder is an empty folder.

wen i gave the url as http://localhost:8080/jwchat-1.0beta1 an error is displayed saying tat the required resource is not available…

plz help me…

what would be the cause of error???