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How to install on a Mac?

I have managed to get the Flash windows to launch, but without a mic, I can only see a grey window. I have a mac here, but I need to know how to implement Red5 on a Mac Spark client. Is this possible?

Of course it is possible. You have to download the red5-plugin.jar into your spark plugins folder. Restart spark and a red5 categorie should appear.

I tried this and it’s not working. I put the red5-plugin.jar, plus the red5.properties, plus the red5plugin.java all in that folder. There’s a new folder, called Red5-plugin, now that I’ve restarted Spark, but there’s no menu for Red5. Should I remove those other files?

I went ahead and put the Red5.properties file in each sub-directory of the Spark folder (for those who don’t know, the Spark folder is on the HDD > Users > “UserNameXXX” > Spark ), but even still, there’s no Red5 tab. I have been able to get this to work on a PC with no problem, so what’s my problem?


I see that there are two Plugins folders on the Mac, just like on PC. Which of the folders should I put the red5-plugin.jar into, and is it a different plug-in download for Mac than it is on PC? The two folders are located in User > User > Spark > Plugins … while the other is in the Spark package folder.

I too have the same problem. No workie for a mac. Seems as though the plugin is completely ignored. Plugin works on XP though.

Exactly. I would think this is a top-priority question, and I’d like to get any and all Mac Red5 users to chip in on this thread.

Has anybody managed to get Red5 working on a Mac?

my 2 pence and 2 cents contribution to this discussion is to find where all the other spark plugins live and then check the spark log files. The red5 plugin will report all errors to the spark log file.


Thanks Dele,

That’s helpful. I’ll have to check that out later this week. I’ll report back.


Hey there, Dele,

Just checkin’ back in to see if I can get any updates on the Mac-user end of Red5 plugin for Spark.

Has any progress been made? Is there anything I can do to help out?


Just got myself a developer PC (MacAdvent running OS x 10.5.4) for the iPhone. I will install Spark and the red5 plugin and finally see what the experience is like for a Mac user. Hopefully, I should be able to find the issues and fix them after I can figure out how to use Mac OS X.

This is great news! Thanks, Dele!

PS, what is Mac Advent?

The MacAdvent is a Hackintosh. OS X (Leopard) on an Advent 4211 Intel PC

Any progress on this? Anything I can do to help?

very slow progress whenever I get the chance to look at this. I have got Spark and the red5 sparkplug working on my MacAdvent, but I can’t open the red5 web pages. No error messages, so I will have to debug.In the end, I may have to find a different way of opening web pages from java in OS X.

OSX Leopard (10.5.x) goes up to 1.5 for the 32-bit JVM

Version 1.6 of the JVM is avail only in the 64bit version.

Red5 requires 1.6

When OSX is instructed to use the 64bit JVM 1.6 then spark crashes.

Spark 2.5.8 works on OSX only when the 32bit 1.5 JVM is the default JVM

Therefore there is a deadlock.

When enabling Java6 (64-bit) on Leopard OSX (10.5.x doesn’t matter latest version as of Nov 20, 2008) spark crashes, with the log file indicating the below.

Not a java developer, looks like it cannot find some library, don’t know if the JVM on OSX is diff than other implementations, as managed by Apple.

However the 64bit JVM is the only JVM that is 1.6 version, and red5 requires 1.6 JVM, correct?

If anyone could help, would appreciate it.

11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] NSRuntime.loadLibrary(/usr/lib/java/libObjCJava.dylib) error.
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /usr/lib/java/libObjCJava.A.dylib:
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.lang.ClassLoader$NativeLibrary.load(Native Method)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary0(ClassLoader.java:1822)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(ClassLoader.java:1702)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.lang.Runtime.load0(Runtime.java:770)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.lang.System.load(System.java:1005)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at com.apple.cocoa.foundation.NSRuntime.loadLibrary(NSRuntime.java:127)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at com.apple.cocoa.foundation.NSRuntime.(NSRuntime.java:35)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at com.apple.cocoa.foundation.NSObject.(NSObject.java:27)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at com.jivesoftware.spark.plugin.apple.AppleStatusMenu.(AppleStatusMenu.java :51)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at com.jivesoftware.spark.plugin.apple.ApplePlugin.initialize(ApplePlugin.java:146 )
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at org.jivesoftware.spark.PluginManager$1.run(PluginManager.java:399)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(InvocationEvent.java:209)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(EventQueue.java:597)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(EventDispatchThread.java:30 0)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(EventDispatchThread.java:210)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(EventDispatchThread.java:20 0)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(EventDispatchThread.java:195)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(EventDispatchThread.java:187)
11/21/08 3:35:27 PM [0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164] at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.run(EventDispatchThread.java:121)
11/21/08 3:35:28 PM com.apple.launchd[94] ([0x0-0x16016].com.jivesoftware.SparkBundle[164]) Exited with exit code: 255

I’m having the exact same problem.

Anyone figure a workaround for 10.5 and using Spark?

Same here. I have a plugin that requires Java 1.6, but Spark doesn’t seem to run on Mac’s Java 1.6 64bit. Anyone?