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How to install openfire to cPanel of Godaddy?

I have installed openfire on local PC and everything is working perfectly. I want to now host it so how to install it on public server?

I tried connecting with ssh but not able to install it because of some ubuntu command not working on SSH shell

cPanel offers web hosting. You need a full machine (virtual or physical) to host Openfire.


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So what is best way to host server? who is the best provider for virtual server?

“Best” is a rather subjective term.

If it were me, I’d probably start with an Amazon EC2 t3.micro instance for Openfire + Amazon RDS db.t2.micro instance for the DB which I believe can be used on the free tier. You’ll obviously need to scale up to paid-for instances to for non-trivial usage, though.

But that’s probably because it’s what I’m familiar with. Other providers are available.


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Thank you for the answer.