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How to install spark into eclipse and don't create errors

 first create a new project named spark at the same time select the project exists locate the spark source root,then next you will see the structure ,the default has a little problem ,you must figure it out.

you must link src/java ,src/resources,src/plugin,src/xtra/,src/commercial as the source file,the finish.ok

the rest thing do according document named Spark SVN + Eclipse 3.3 + Subversive Installation Guide.

if this has something wrong please contact me or reply to me,thank you !

** **This method not work with eclipse Indigo (3.7) and Juno (4.2)

Linking src/plugin is not enough, because of sources root for each plugin is plugins/<plugin_name>/src/java, and there is only way to linking src/java directory for each plugin manualy.

May be there is another way to do it automaticaly?