How to install Wildfire frome linux console

hi, good morning to everyone,

I am new at linux and I am building a network

I want to put the wildfire on a server linux (ubuntu), but I dont know how I can download the program, can some one help me plese,

I read some of the documentation but I couldnt ( ide.html)

thanks for your help

see you soon

you can use wget to download the rpm bundle.

then run

rpm -Uvh --test “the name of the rpm”

if this gives no errors, run the same command again without the --test

you will find the bundle installed under /opt/ in directory wildfire

so wget


if you don’‘t like rpm or don’'t have root access you may use the tar.gz version as described in


thanks for the information, but i try with both and I couldnt, I am using the ubuntu server (is only teh console), when i start the wildfire it appears a error that java can not start, I have installed, but I cant.

is there a nother way to do it?

does wildfire works on console?


see you soon

thanks but the comand is not valind on my server, i think ubuntu dosent use rpm.

is there a nother wasy?

ubuntu doesnt use rpm… it uses the apt-get. if you would need to download something from wildfire and need root permission to download and install on Ubuntu server an example command would be:

sudo wget http://packagedownloadlocation - to download the package

sudo apt-get install package - this would install your new package as the root user.

Also on a Ubuntu machine you can change the root password and logout and then login as root user. This keeps you from having to type the sudo everytime you want to execute something with root user permissions.

type this command:

java -version

and tell us what it says

Yes, Wildfire “works on console”. It doesnt need GUI that is.

On my debian system, once I made sure I had java working, i did this to install wildfire in my home directory:

morocco:~$ mkdir wildfire_base

morocco:~$ cd wildfire_base

morocco:~$ wget -O wildfire_3.1.1.tar.gz r.gz

morocco:~$ tar xfz wildfire_3.1.1.tar.gz

morocco:~$ cd wildfire

morocco:~$ nano conf/wildfire.xml

see ide.html for details on what needs done from here…

and finally…

morocco:~$ ~/wildfire_base/wildfire/bin/wildfire start