HOW-TO: Install Wildfire on Ubuntu Dapper

I had a little trouble installing Wildfire on Ubuntu Dapper on Ubuntu so I’‘d thought I’'d share how I did it.

  1. Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and un-comment the lines ending in multiverse.

  2. Run sudo apt-get update

  3. Run sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jdk

  4. Run sudo apt-get install alien

  5. Download the latest linux .rpm file from this site (wildfire_3_0_1.rpm)

  6. Run sudo alien -i wildfire_3_0_1.rpm

  7. cd to /opt/wildfire/bin

  8. Run sudo ./wildfire start (you’'ll see some warning about nohup… ignore this).

  9. Point your browser to to setup using the web-based console.

This worked for me anyway.

Anyone know how to set this up to run automatically on boot? I.e. /etc/init.d/…



Copy the wildfired script from $WILDFIRE_HOME/bin/extra to /etc/init.d and then using sudo run:

update-rc.d wildfired defaults

Thanks for the tip.

Fortunately I’'d already managed to figure this out on my own yesterday.

Thanks anyway.

gracias, me ayudaron a i duda…

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FYI- This process also works for upgrading the Wildfire server. I just upgraded from 3.0.1 to 3.1.1 w/o a hitch. Just make sure you make a backup of your wildfire.xml file before you upgrade.

I have a server up and running now (3.1.0) and was considering upgrading to 3.1.1. I am using the internal db, I have two groups and only about 20 users.

I don’'t want to re-enter any of the user information. What files do I need to backup before doing the upgrade. Do I need to restore those files after the upgrade?

The last time I upgraded I had to re-enter all the users.


Hi i use install-rc.d wildfired defaults and i get the following error when i boot up,

/etc/init.d: line 37: /etc/rc2.d/$20wildfired: Permission denied

Thanks for your reply,