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How to integrate sparkweb within wordpress site?


  1. Has anyone any experience or ideas to contribute toa target of integrating sparkweb within a wordpress site?

  2. Creating a common login for the IM service and the wordpresss login system?

3, 2 above somewhat easier as all users are only allowed to communicate via the same openfire server and receive IM from members of our own user group.

4, Sparkweb pages to appear in a window within a wordpress page.

Thanks in advance


I have done openfire wth sparkweb integration, but not with Sparkweb. I preferred a simpler user interface using jappix-mini.

See project Inspired-Social at http://inspired-social.googlecode.com


Very helpful, The current wordpress site is run with apache. How easy would it be continue to use apache22 with your setup?


Not designed to be used outside of Openfire. However, If you know your way around HTML/Javascript, you can make it work

Hi Dele. Thanks for your contribution.

Whilst I have reasonable coding experience I am a raw beginnner with java. However that is probably less of a an obstacle for me than finding my way around a code base with which I have zero familarity I haven’t found any top level documentation giving an overview of the relationship between the modules. That would helop me get started.

However if you would be willing make a few suggestions as to where I should start - that would be really helpfuil

Thanks again


Look at the following postings

For configuring Openfire to use WordPress users and BuddyPress groups

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/db-integ ration-guide.html



For embedding WordPress inside Jappix-mini

http://community.igniterealtime.org/blogs/ignite/2011/07/23/jappix-minichat-with -openfire#comment-6691

If you really want to embed WordPress inside SparkWeb, then you would need the old Red5 version of SparkWeb which supported a web page on the home tab.

http://community.igniterealtime.org/blogs/ignite/2008/10/11/clearspace-and-openf ire-with-sparkweb#comment-4877


I see some disadvantages with the above approach and am wondering whether you think the problem could be successfully tackled as follows:

  1. Take the following system requirements into account:

(a) Only users of my Wordpress site who have been given a appropriate set of permissions should be able to use sparkweb and connect to openfire.

(b) Control over what services (e.g. chatrooms/conferences) a user is allowed (and when) to access could perhaps be managed using Wordpress group and permissions system.

© The only communications allowed are between wordpress users.from the site

(d) Openfire and wordpress are running on the same system

  1. How easy would it therefore be to:

(a) Manage openfire so that access to certain services could only be made via sparkweb provided the request comes from the appropriate port and IP combination.

(b) Remove the need for the user to supply username/password combinations and rely solely on wordpress controlling user access to certain pages.

I feel this approach, for my purposes, would be simpler to implement and maintain.

Could such a method be viable? It has the advantage of keeping, as far as possible, wordpress-sparkweb-openfire data storage systems independent of one another and removes complications when upgrades occur. It also means everything might be controllable from within Wordpress. There would ogf course still be the need to set up user names, room ID’s etc in openfire but a script to simultaneously update both databases would not be difficult to write. Once openfire is relieved of password testing it becomes a lot easier to control.

I think this would mean some changes to the way sparkweb operates so that the service requirement (e.g username/room name) could be passed when the page is called.

If anyone thinks there is some mileage in this it would help me an awful lot, bearing in mind my total unfamilarity with the source tree, if so0meone could possibly point me to the files and sections of code I would need to adapt to serve my purpose.

Many many thanks in advance for any further guidance.


Hi Dele

Thanks for your help - I have decided I do need to do some hacking of sparkweb to get the results I need.

I downloaded the latest sources via svn and saw you were the last person to modify the code. I have started a new thread entitled:

Sparkweb sources - any developer guidance info?

Is there is any chance of you reading that posting and passing on any available notes and guidance? Your help would be much appreciated.

You will see from that posting that this is something I am doing for a charity. I have rolled out my copy of Adobe FB 4.7 premium ( I have the full adobe suite) for the first time so do not expect miracles in a hurry . Any useful results will be made available to the community.



Hi, that is a quite interesting approach - however, I have already apache runnig on port 80 and would like to keep wordpress separated from openfire - is there an easy way to get this setup working without quercus and with a more traditionell php setup?

If not: will proxying this via apache break the chat functionality? I would like to use ssl for the webserver.

It would be interesting to read about why you created this with quercus integration - where can this project be discussed?

Thanks for your attention,