How to integrate video conferencing to my app?


Is is possible use Smack in order to integrate video conferencing and ausio calls ?

If it isn’t how do you suggest me to do ?

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It is, you have to use the Smack Jingle API, which comes in its own jar file (smackx-jingle).

I have never actually used it though and whoever wrote it did not provide any documentation. I would recommend looking at some of the test code to figure out how to use it.

If you do all that, a contribution of some documentation would be much appreciated.

Hi !

Thank you very much for the info. Is the Smack jingle API really able to handle everything ? I won’t have to add any crazy codecs G711 of H323 neither SIP protocol ? I have seen that in some other XMPP clients… I am afraid to not be able to do that.

Where can I find the test codes to make some experiences ?

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To my dated knowledge, H.323 is the videoconferencing protocol, which would be used instead of jingle, not along with it.

G.711 is a possibility since some form of codec to capture/listen to audio must be used. This is a widely adopted standard.