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How to join a IRC #?


as everything works as expected (thanks to jadestorm and cgravier) by now, I’ve tried to join a IRC # but i do not know how What do I have to do to join a IRC #? How do i get a channellisting ?



Howdy! Channel listings are disabled by default because they … well quite frankly if you get a channel listing from freenode for example and Psi and other clients attempt to display the list, they tend to be sad and “hang a bit” for a bit. You can enable it in the admin console though (there’s a checkbox in the IRC settings dialog). (this is all assuming you are running 1.1.2 … I can’t recall if it’s in 1.1.1) As for joining one, you more or less join a chatroom like any other conference server. You join the #whatever room on conference.irc.yourserver.org. I highly recommend joining with the same nickname that you logged in as though as I don’t cope with you picking a different nickname very well right now. =)

version 1.1.2

ok, thanks, with PSI this works - mostly (the topic is not displayed in the right place and i get no traffic) - with kopete (which i prefere) it does not work. what i get is a normal chat window with the topic message. nothing else.

EDIT: i’ve to correct myselfe - with kopete ist works but it takes “a very long time” until the chat schows up …

Interesting, Psi is what I test with. =) And you did register with the IRC transport, right?