How to know, that all archived messages are received


i have question, I can’t find the answer, so I hope someone here can advice me.

Situation I have. User will log in and join group chat room. There is 2 event ROOM JOIN and USER JOIN, but also all archived messages are received. Problem is, that I need to know when all archived messages are received. I thought that USER JOIN will come just after all messages are received, but that’s not true.

Is there arny event of the way, how to find when all archived messages in group chat room are received? Maybe I can ask somehow how many archived messages are on server, and then count messages… dont know, please help

thank you very much

there is no way to count archived messages using MUC extension ( There is the muc room property for max count of archived messages. Anyway don’t understand why you need to know if all the archived messages recieved.


because i’m using messages for collaborating, so they are not just chat messages. And I need to know when all archved messages are received, so I can start some actions after them…

if it is something collaborative, so you can turn off history at all and use state model. if you need to sync you just get current state and proceed.

I have to confess, I really dont know what is state model in Jabber, or XIFF… Anyway, all is working for me, application is almost done, so I think it will not be possible to redo app, but I’m really interesting to knowmore about state model for Jabber. can you point me to some URLs where can I find more about it?

thank you

i was saying about state model of your application? not jabber. you can use jabber to post the current state of your app and parse the whole state when connecting, not just changes. anyway i think google wave is more compiant for building collaborative apps.

aha, got it… it’s not possible, there is too much stuff… but thanks for your help anyway. till now, all works correctly and I’ve done it in way I dont need to know which is last achived message.

Hi Franto,

Can you share your code, by which you are able to get archived message at your hand.

I also want to implement that feature in my app, but not able to implement with the help of smack library.

please help me asap.