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How to limit transfer files speed and the size of files?

How to limit transfer files speed and the size of files ?

It seems that when someone are transfering files,the other users will be offline,so i want to limit the speed of file transfer and limit the size of files,i need help.


As far as I know, the file transfers are mostly done direct client to client, what client are you using?

I am using spark 2.5.8 to transfer files

Do you mean it’s not through server computer by transfering files? It’s only transfer files by client to client? And it will not slow my server computer?

thank you

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I believe that there are two specific scenarioes around file transfers.

The way I understand them is as follows:

  1. If both users are on the same server then file transfers will go peer to peer, bypassing the server altogether.

  2. If the users are on different servers then the file will go from user1 through server 1 to server2 and finally to user2.

A good way to test this is to turn of the file proxy on teh openfire server and see if your users can still send files between themselves.

Openfire Openfire version 3.7.0 is used
** spark that used version 2.6.3**

how to make file transfer limit from user to user ?

We have done the transfer of files up to 31Mb from user to user but we need to allow users to transfer files only Max with 10Mb


You can not reduce transfer speed. The max size can be controlled.


Some details are here. http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-2163

I have two clients make changes at once but it did not work

spark \ org \ jivesoftware \ resource \ default.properties

can anybody help me