How to login XMPP Server without SASL Authentication?

I updated the API from 3.4.1 to 4.0.3 today, and modified part of my codes .

In 3.4.1 , I can login without SASL Authentication like below:


But now, I donot know how to set the authentication disabled?

Can anyone tell me , how to set the SASL Authentication disabled?

Or how to use SASL Authentication in Smack?

My XMPP Server is tigase. Thanks very much!

Use: configuration.setSecurityMode(SecurityMode.disabled);

Thanks, in advance, if I set the SecurityMode enabled, am I going to config sth. in XMPP-Server side?

Or I just need to config it at the XMPP-Client side?

Smack 4 does only support SASL authentication. I’m pretty sure that tigase supports SASL.

The security mode is no relevant to the authentication type. This answer is wrong.