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How to make a private message window

Does anyone know how to create a private window like exodus makes when a private

message is sent? Right now I have two big areas for group message and private messages. To see what I mean goto:


Can you elaborate? Do you mean a popup window?

If that’'s the case, Flash has a whole popup window manager to take care of that. Take a look at the docs for the PopupManager class.

I know when Exodus gets a message a small window pops up with a reply box and a history area. You should come and have a look, it maybe do more harm then good (design wise) I am not sure if floating windows are still a good idea, but a white board I think would be cooler. Have you done that one yet? Can you show me how to get started?

Thanks Dan.

There are some whiteboarding extension classes in the API. Unfortunately, I’‘ve never even tried them myself They were created by the other original developer, Sean Treadway. I’‘m pretty sure they work well, but they’'re not yet documented.

Poke around in the code and see what public functions are available.