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How to make Openfire work with 64 bits Java

I find it simply absurd that in 2017 we’re stuck with a “SERVER” that runs with 32 bits code. That’s ridiculous… But anyways, I hope someone has found a sure way to install Openfire with Java x64 that simply WORKS.

I’ve read many posts but NONE OF THEM WORKS, period.

Install Java x64 in Openfire\JRE folder does not work, the program insists it requires x86 Java to run.

If anyone has cracked this please share with us.

You aren’t stuck with anything. Plenty of people are using Openfire with 64bit JRE.

Daryl, I’ve been trying for a few days but no success. I’ve read many posts but nothing helped. The optimal solution would be to select x86 or x64 installers when downloading Openfire. I Always use the latest versions and that would make things much easier.

Do you have the necessary steps in order to have Openfire running in x64 in Windows Server x64 platforms?

I’m at a loss and with just 30 users the Java usage in 32 bts is at 1GB… It’s really frustrating.

Thanks for the reply.

are you trying to run this under windows? If so, try launching with the bat file instead of the exe. I think the exe is a 32bit wrapper, so that might be causing you some issue. There are a few threads that include a 64 bit exe you could try.

I have found no bat file with the installation. I run openfire as a Service, I never use the Openfire.EXE file. It does not work either way. The servisse won’t start. I assume there should be some sort of tutorial to install Openfire in 64 bit mode but for some odd reason there are a few threads here and there but nothing that really Works. For Linux there are quite a few posts but it seems nobody has nailed the necessary steps in Windows…

As I expected NOBODY has answers on this subject. The only solution that helped so far is to patch the openfire-service.exe with a small program called 4gb_patch.exe. With that I can increase the maximum memory available to the service to 1984MB (-Xmx1984m).

There’s no way to run Openfire-service.exe with a 64 bit JRE in Windows.

Considering the last Windows Server version that supported 32 bits is dead for 10 years or more it’s really hard to understand why Openfire does not already come configured to run with x64 bit JRE instead of x86…

[OF-1340] Create x64 Windows Installer - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Like alot of applications, the installer will not detect a previous installed x32 bit version. So once this is released, you’ll want to backup your instance, uninstall, and reinstall x64.

Can try 64bit exe’s here: Project-Windows-distribution-files

it’s really hard to understand

It’s simple. This community and its software only driven by a few volunteers in their spare time (too much spare time i would say). There is no huge team, no multi million budget. That’s open source.