How to make Spark for Chinese Windows (display & input)

After I download Spark, it is running well, but I could not input Chinese characters, and the display of Chinese characters is not good(maybe font size too small). I have two questions:

  1. Where to download Chinese font?

  2. How to configure it?

I googled web, found some doc from sun. But they did not answer my questions.

I am using JDK 1.5. working on this for three days, but no progress.

Thanks for help.


  1. Have you been abe to successfully input Chinese Characters in other Java Applications?

  2. What version of Windows are you using? Please include Service Pack


Hi centralb,

Thanks for your reply. I developed some Java swing applications before, but no requirement for Chinese input. So I do not have experience in supporting Chinese in Java swing application.

I can input Chinese into Eclipse editor on Windows XP sp2 (Chinese version). I am not sure whether Eclipse is a java swing application. No problem typing in Chinese into Windows Office and IE. But for Spark, it seems that the Chinese input method is not enabled. When focusing Spark chat input window, the Chinese input method dialog disappear.

I looked at the c:\windows\fonts directory. More than 10 chinese fonts are installed. The JRE under the Spark does not have Chinese fonts, but the system installed chinese fonts under c:\windows\fonts will be used. The JRE under the spark has “” file that configures Chinese fonts.


  1. Component Font Mappings






allfonts.lucida=Lucida Sans Regular


allfonts.thai=Lucida Sans Regular

System: Windows XP sp2 (chinese version)

Thanks a lot for your help. It is very urgent for me to solve this problem. My boss becomes impatient.


  • We haven’t been able to duplicate the problem using recent versions of Chinese Windows XP and the Java JRE

  • Does this problem happen only on 1 system – or have you tried it on other computers (with the same problem)?

  • Is it possible for you to:

  • Confirm updated versions of Java (try uninstalling and reinstalling spark using the download that includes the JRE)

  • Download/Install the international versions of Java (you may already have noticed there are international and

  • Use Windows Update to check for updates to the IME and its dependencies, or necessary fixes elsewhere

  • Install and use JRE 1.6, if the first reinstalling option isn’t an option

  • Is it possible that you have more than 1 Java installation running – particularly the JRE?

  • Even if you know you have JDK 1.5 installed, you might have older versions of the JRE installed. Maybe several of them. Especially if you have had the computer system for several years.

  • This link is old but describes a similar problem using an older version of the JRE for a Japanese windows system. It’s posted here for reference:


  • This link is also old and also for Japanese instead: