How to make the roster support >3000items

As I know that if a roster with > 1500 items, performance was shot in this instance - Flash gives a “Script is running slow” error, because the code loops through all 1500 items.

How can I make it faster?

you could try setting an interval to update roster at 200 items at a time until complete…

every 200ms update 200 items.

var n:Number = setInterval(this,“getNextSet”,200);

you will experience a slight delay in updates such as presence. i really dont see this as much of a problem considering the alternative (player crashing)

Everytime, it throws out 3000items, that mean i need to get the 3000 items at a time.

my best guess is that you will have to modify the xiff library (probably to pull the data in increments. also you should replace the methods that handle the roster events to disable the “automatic” update of the roster list. you should add a method that can accept a range and return them at an interval.

i dont think it will be an easy task. im not even sure if there is a way to query wildfire for a range…

anyone else have ideas?