How to manage the archived conversations?

Hi all,

I am very new to openfire and this is my first post. I hope this is rite place i am posting my problem.

I have intalled openfire 3.6.0 with its available plugin monitoring service. Everything is working fine but the archived message is increasing day by day. Now i want to delete the messages which are older then one month. how can i do this? Can anyone help?

you need to manually delete the conversations from within the database. If you are using the embedded database this will be difficult.

Thank You for your response. I have been using Mysql as database. Now i need to know on which tables the conversation data is stored and how can I filter older messages from that table.

Again thank for ur response.


Thank You

U solved my problem

Do you know if there are any plans to integrate a archive retention mechanism in the plugin?

i didnot understand wat exactly you want. Can u give some details?

Basically I wanted to know if future versions of the software might include a feature to purge archived data after a certain period. Pretty much what you asked but just if it might be a new feature.

It must be. Hope some body wil find some solution about this and let us know.

I had the same issue come up recenlty. Here’s what I did: -message-archive-2/

Did you have to rebuild the search indexes after doing this? Thanks