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How to migrade db from 3.7.1 to 4.1.16

I am trying to migrate from an old ubuntu 10.4 running 3.7.1 to ubuntu 16 running 4.1.6 both on mysql

I have my new server up and running and I have imported my users by adding 4 NULL into the schema to go from the 7 to 11 in the ofUser table.

The passwords do not work however, Is there a tool to take the old encrypted password and create the new fields based on the old encryptedPassword. The new fields look like storedKey serverKey salt and iterations.

I am not following your noted changes to the ofUser table. Did you let Openfire attempt to upgrade the schema itself? Meaning, you copied the backend database from the 3.7.1 install and then let Openfire update the schema with its first boot?

I did not let openfire do it, I made a new server and did a fresh install of openfire.

I have resolved it by defaulting everyone’s password and making them change it.

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