How to migrat jabberd2 user's mysql database openfire mysql database


to openfire community members

plz any one help me to migrat jabberd2 user’s mysql database in openfire msql database

I do not use MySQl, so an exact script is not something I can give you. At one time there was a mass import script for user contacts, but cannot remember where that is. missing that, you could do a dbdump from your jabberd database, then create a script off of that dump to update your wildfire database with that information. Groups will not import properly due to the differences in the way that jabberd and wildfire keeps the group listings, however that should give you a rudimentary way at moving your users.

One thing also. If you have a small user base, it might be more easily accomplished by having the users export their contact list, then import it back when they log into the new server.

Sorry no definite answer, but hope some of the information helps.