How to modify pubsub node's hierarchy?


I’m a new developer to XMPP programming and trying to figure out a way to modify the hierarchy of the pubsub node.

I choosed openfire as my jabber server trying to deploy a pubsub service, everything went well but just seems like node hierarchy change was not working properly.

So I first tried to modify it with method introduced by XEP-0248(associate & dessociate method), but replied with not supported, I also searched in the community found answer that seems like XEP-0248 was seperated from XEP-0060 years ago , and also a example providing a temporary way to create a new node with hierarchy modification.

It works though but here comes my problem:

How can I change the node’s hierarchy?

By simple change the config of a specific node seems not work because I had already test it with PSI XML Input console resubmiting config with a pubsub#collection field,but seems not working at all.

so how could I get this problem solved right now?

Any hint will be appreciated.Thanks for your help