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How to move from embedded-db to mysql?


I’'ve got an installation of wildfire 3.1.1 which uses the embedded-db and now want to migrate that to a mysql database on a new server due to new hardware.

Can someone here give me a clue how to do this?


You may use User Import/Export Plugin


Does it work, when I import my users from an openldap-Server? Last time I evalutated this, it hadn’'t. I think I test it again.

I recently performed this same upgrade. for us we are using active directory (ldap) as our userstore. the user import export didn’‘t work when I moved it to the new DB, I tried it all on a test setup so wasn’'t concerned about breakage. So all that was lost was avatars (using the ldapavatarmodule) and my specific server settings and shared group settings.

Not a lot of work and probably only took 5-10 minutes extra of my work, and everyone re-upping their avatars.

I just changed the SQL-Statements in the wildfire.script file a little bit and used them. The import seems to be fully successful.

Thanks for the answers