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How to move wildfire to a different PC

I need to move my wildfire server to a different PC. Is there a way to keep the same IP address and server configuration without having to reinstall and reset up everything?

thanks in advance


if this is windows, then you need to copy your wildfire config the admin folder over. are you using the internal DB?

if this is Linux yes just reinstall adn then drop your existing dir over the top of the newly installed wildfire…

This is a windows system. and yes i am useing the internal DB, so just moving the admin folder onto the New system?

That I cannot answer. I would wait until one of the windows guys chime in on that one.


I hope that you know how to transfer the IP address. The database is stored in wildfire\embedded-db* and the basic configuration is stored in wildfire\conf\wildfire.xml so you need both.

But it is probably even more easy just to copy the whole wildfire folder.


that’'s cool, it gives me a place to start. I have a test server on my personal PC that i can mess with.

I don’'t know how to move the IP, is there a special process


the IP address is only a Windows and not a Wildfire issue, so I assume that you know where you must click etc.


IT means to change the address on the box that you are moving eveything to after you get it all moved. The server won’'t care as long as you get the IP changed on the box.


I guess i’‘m a little confused, when i installed wildfire it automatically assigned an IP address for that server.It was different then my Test server i had created on my Personal PC. Now i need to move the server software off of the PC i have it on and onto one that isn’'t getting used. If i run the install on the new PC i assume it is going to do the samething and assign a new IP address for the wildfire server on that PC.


“wildfire … automatically assigned an IP address for that server” - no it didn’'t. It uses the IP address of your computer whatever it is. I wonder if you did set up DNS records, so it would be much more easy to change them instead of moving the IP address around.


now i’‘m getting it, i didn’‘t realize it used the PC IP address. the file issue seems easy enough. Now what about this DNS setup, i’'m not sure if i did or not.

Hi Kris,

most users like to use a server name like “jabber.org” instead of an IP address like So if you want do your users a favor you’'ll use the same server name as for the email address, for example “company.com” and use SRV records (ask your DNS provider about them or search the forum) for your jabber server. So you can make sure that the IM/XMPP address and the email address are the same

You probably did use the computer name which is not a good idea as your new computer will likely have another name.