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How to patch code to disable cache


i have a problem with jiveMessager - my user data base is external changed, this same thing is make on jiveRoster table - now when i want to users see changes make in database i must wait for cache expire or restart server - in older version jiveMessager i found one way to patch code of it, but i new 2.3 beta its dosn’'t work -can any one help me ??

Hi hivarge,

You can effectively disable roster caching by creating a “cache.username2roster.size” property via the Admin Console and setting its value to 0 (zero). Be warned however, that this could greatly affect the performance of Messenger and increase the load on your database.

If you want to change the time between cache refreshes (which is what I would recommend doing) you can set the maxLifetime variable in the CacheManager to a lower value.

Hope that helps,



in what units is maxLifetime expressed?

Hi Jerm,

The maxLifetime unit of measurement is in milliseconds.

As a slight side note, the cache api has been opened up quite a bit for the next version (2.6.0) of Wildfire, so doing things like clearing out a cache either via the Admin Console or a plugin will be possible.