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How to process incoming nonzas?

I use smack ver. 4.4.0, my goal is send rebind nonza to server and catch for the answer. But I couldn’t find the way how I can process incoming nonzas. Could you help me? Thank you.

Smack’s Nonza API is not public, as Nonza are low level stream elements and something end users should not need to fidle with.

What is a rebind Nonza and why do you want to send it?

I use rebind Nonza to connect to a server with previous stream id in order to avoid multiple streams.

That sounds like XEP-0198 Stream Management, but there is no such thing as a rebind Nonza. Is this some kind of proprietary extension?

It’s Mobile P1-spec fast reconnect (“rebind”).

This is a properitary non-public extension. In this case I suggest you reach out to me via e-mail to discuss your options to get support for this in Smack as part of my professional services.

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