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How to purge message archive in non-MySQL configuration

I saw the post that explains how to clear the conversation content in the message archive if you’re running MySQL, but we’re using the embedded-db setup and we’re unsure how to clean it out. Will removing the plugin and reinstalling it work?

I am curious to this myself. I am running the ebedded server as well and really need to purge the messages soon. how do I even get into the embedded database? I tried accessing the DB according to other information in the forum ( java -cp …) but to no avail.

Embedded DB is not supposed for the real usage, just for a testing (though im using it myself now). So there is no convinient tools for that. All database is stored in one text file which is a list of sql insert commands. Databse is being constructed on the fly using this list. There is no easy way to purge it. Consider switching to MySQL or some other backend if you want to have more powers with DB.

Ok, fair enough, is there a way to “switch horses mid-race”? or am I looking at doing a Re-install with my new database?

You can try extracting your users with Impot Export plugin and then importing them to the new DB, but i cant guarantee it will work. Also it won’t export your groups. Maybe there are some other ways, but i dont know of any official DB migration solution.

Ok, well our setup is completely Active Directory-integrated, so is it possible to export the server configuration for re-import after installing with the DB options?


if you can shutdown your server to remove the old messages then you can use the db-viewer application in bin/extras/embedded-db-viewer.sh - it allows you to execute SQL commands.

Anyhow I would not use the embedded-db with archiving enabled as it uses “memory” tables which means the memory usage of Openfire grows with every archived chat.

Migration from embedded-db to MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, … may be interesting for you.