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How to re-build jive messenger source code


I have just downloaded the jive messenger 2.1.5 source code and now I wish to compile the source code and and place it in my tomcat web server project directory.

please note i am using jdk1.5 and tomcat5.0

I have gone through the build.xml file provided with the source code, but couldnt understand much.

Can anyone help me please

Thanks in advance,


HI Priya,

There is no official support for deploying Messenger to an application server; if you do a search for “Tomcat” in these forums you will see people have had various levels of success getting it to work.

For a quick guide on how to build Messenger take a look at this post for a couple of months back:


Hope that helps,


Thanks once again Ryan,

I followed the instructions given in your guide using ANT. It made a directory called ‘‘Target’’ having many folders one of them is ‘‘classes’’.

Please now tell me, what should I do, if I want to place it in my tomcat webapps folder. I want to know, what would be the directory structure to access these pages. Please note, I am using Tomcat5.0, so you could guide me as per this web version of version.

Thank you for your time…


Hi Ryan,

Your guide was indeed helpful. It was very much informative.

I managed to build the source code.

Thank you very much.


Hi Priya,

I am happy to hear the guide worked for you.

Happy hacking!


Hey guys,

Using Ryan’'s guide as an inspiration, I created a source building document and added it to the documentation. It should be in the next nightly build. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to check it out.



Hi Matt,

Nice document, very clean and well organized as always.