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How to register a nickname?

Hello, i want to enable users nick registration. In the user creation form i cant specify the user nickname.

How can I do this? Thanks!


are you using In-Band registration of your client or an Openfire plugin to allow this via HTTP?



Im using jeti to build a web chat. My initial intention is that users con only use the registered nickname


what do you want to do?

You did write “i want to enable users nick registration” in your first post and then “users con only use the registered nickname”.

So one may be a little bit confused.



I want users can register her nickname and no one can use that nickname (only with username and password)


as XMPP is based on unique JIDs and not on “nicknames” I guess that this will be hard. If you want to store the nickname as NAME in the JIVEUSER table you could use a plugin to do this and which makes sure that this one is unique.

You may want to intercept all subscription requests to make sure that the right nickname is sent. If you want that this nickname is also used within MUC you may have to do even more. And you could make sure that this nickname is also stored in the vCard. But all this seems to me to be too much work.