How to register users to im gateways from web


instead of the administrator setting the im gateway registration, how can i set users to be registered with the different im gateways say via the web?

can i simply produce a web form and write their account information (e.g. logins, pwds for each im protocol) into the openfire database? which database?

appreciate any advice. thanks!

I’'m going to answer this in three parts. =)

  1. Why can’‘t the end user just register themselves from their own client? Granted, not all clients support that. Psi, Spark, Cocchinella, … are a few that I recall that support it. And after registering the client wouldn’‘t have to stick with Psi or whatever if they didn’'t want to. Any old client should do after registration is complete. (note that this is -not- the case with Spark. Spark handles this in a special manner that is not compatible with other clients)

  2. There are plans to implement a SOAP interface (or maybe XMLRPC if I change my mind) so that administrators can write their own web interfaces (or whatever) for registration. See GATE-102

  3. I would not recommend manually adding a registration to the database. Registration ‘‘does things’’ besides just inserting a record. Plus there might be caching issues if you insert behind the scenes.

Hi Daniel,

how far is the progress with the GATE-102 issue? I have seen in the issue tracker that the request itself is fixed. Can u tell an approximate date, when a new release with this functionality is available?

Cheers and thanks in advance.


I’‘m afraid I don’‘t provide expected release dates. I do this in my free time and free time doesn’'t always work out like I hope.

Nevertheless thanx for your feedback…

I’'m really looking forward to use the new features when they are available…


In case you are wondering:

That thread and that thread alone is what’‘s holding everything up. =/ GATE-278 is the issue itself. Once that gets resolved I’'ll be putting out 1.1.0 very soon.

Has anyone worked with the XMLRPC to create an interface so that user can register for their gateways via web?

I would like to do that but to be honest I’'m not very familiar with SVN and that stuff… so please can anyone give me a hint how to start…

thx in advance


Hi Peter, the XMLRPC stuff has been in most of the recent betas so you shouldn’'t have to deal with SVN anymore. =)

boah that was quick… :smiley:

ok, that’'s great… do u have any documentation or stuff than I can use to get familiar and start with the topic?

The only real documentation I have at the moment is here:

There’‘s some info about the XMLRPC interface there. It’'s not all that in depth though. But so long as you have an API for making XMLRPC calls, you should be able to tie into the docs that are there.

Thx for your help… i will try it out and if I find a solution i will post it here as a starter guide for someone else…

thx again.

Please do =) I intend to offer a guide for lots of things when igniterealtime gets updated to using clearspace x.

hi folks,

another question is:

How can I query the database to find out which gateways are available?!? Of course I could allow all but that is not the way I like to do it

I found that in the table the values are true or false for the specific gateways but it is a bit of workaround to sort out which ones are available. Is there no easier way?

thx for the help

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That’‘s a great suggestion! It’‘s not implemented yet though, but wouldn’'t be hard to add.

Well, it’'s a pleasure to help…

can u give me a message if it is available. so long i will stick with hardcoded program code…


Well, I hate to say it but I’‘ll likely forget to ping you between now and then. The easiest thing to do would be to set up a “watch” on the issue I created for it (and also vote for it ;D ) and JIRA itself will let you know when I’'ve closed it and such!

Voted and on watching…