How to report/discuss change requests (LDAP issues itt)

I found the issue tracker, where users can vote on issues they see as important. I have a change I would like to see, but I am not sure on how to get this into the issue tracker.

Specifically, I would like to see the ability to set a different “baseDN” for both user and group searches in LDAP. I imagine that many users have a non-flat ldap directory where the users and groups are stored in different subtrees. Setting the baseDN to the root of the tree, or at least a place where we can hit both the user and group subtrees is fine since we can pick out the items we want using search filters, but there is a performance cost since we must search through all the other subtrees we don’t care about even though we are filtering items out.

Openfire also has problems dealing with Aliases in LDAP (users with an aliases are simply not seen by openfire). It could also be beneficial to have an option to set or unset the use of derefrencing aliases.

I also realize the igniterealtime team is undoubtedly busy. Is there a standard process for submitting code to the openfire project?