"How to" request for information on netbiter unit communications


My company uses Tipic Instant Messaging Platform (TIMP is no longer a business) on an old dell running Win2K. The old timers here call it the jabber server.

It has been assigned to me to come up with an alternative for monitoring/messsaging between field base netbiter 150 units and some sort of management and messaging server console. http://www.netbiter.com/easyconnect_ec150.cfm

I am information gathering since I have not worked with this stuff at all. I do general SW dev for the company using Visual Studio 2010 and C# .Net 4.0. I am looking for some guidance or how to documentation to:

a) replace the few utilities of TIMP that they use

b) set up a consol to connect to the netbiter units via a laptop

c) address the units vie TCP

It is my understanding that only ascii is xfered between the client and server as in commends sent and status returned. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. If I am in the wrong place to ask this question please let me know.