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How to reset the FastPath statistics

Is there a nice way to reset the FastPath statistics?

You could delete all chat history using ‘FastPath’ -> ‘Reports’ -> ‘View Chat Usage’. Does this resolve the issue? If not, you can simply truncate table fpSession. The Fastpath plugin service has only a simple user interface with a few controls, and I don’t know that deleting the plugin and reloading will accomplish anything as far as what you are asking.


I’m running Openfire 3.6.4

I didn’t find any way to delete the usage from Fastpath->Reports->View Chat Usage, what am I missing?

I was hoping not to go to the DB level (clear fpsession) but if this is the only way then I will…

From the ‘Chat Transcripts’, choose dates so all the chats will be displayed in a list. For each chat that occurred, select the ‘Delete’ link, instead of ‘View’. In this way you are deleting the chats one by one until they are all gone. If there are a lot of chats, this will be a lot of effort. One could also file a ticket in JIRA, and as a new feature request, ask for such a function under ‘Fastpath’.